The PNS holding specialises primarily in press distribution, i.e. supply of national and regional newspapers, magazines, electronic media, non-periodical publications and related assortment to POS all over the Czech Republic. The PNS holding PNS distributes press to 17,000 points of sale - the densest network of POS in Europe. Moreover, it operates a network of Specialised press stores (SPS) which sell a full assortment of goods supplied within the PNS network.

Another significant activity of the PNS holding consists in direct operation of the largest retail network of press and related assortment stores in the Czech Republic.

In press distribution the PNS holding uses state-of-the-art technologies and procedures. Currently, we are introducing a new logistics and information system (one of its kind in Europe) and when processing unsolds we also use scanning and weighing systems. The goal of the PNS holding is to become one of the most modern distribution companies in Europe.

In 2007 we became members of Distripress - an international NGO for the promotion of international press distribution all over the world.

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PNS does not arrange subscriptions or delivery of subscribed press , neither is it able to arrange changes in subscription or its cancellation. This service is provided by individual publishers, or the companies ALL Production, s.r.o., SEND Předplatné s.r.o. and others.


The mission of PNS

Our everyday work is mainly about logistics - we mostly classify and deliver printed material. We do all this disregarding the weather - wind, rain or snow won't scare us! At first sight, it might seem that press distribution, or press wholesale, is not a very entertaining activity. But appearances can be deceiving…

When we look at PNS closer we will understand how diverse this work is and what an important role PNS plays every day in the whole Czech society and economy. Because the press that we distribute plays an important role in the process of informing an open and democratic society and shaping the opinions of citizens, and it leads to dynamic economic and cultural development.

We are fully aware of this fact, as well as of the related social responsibility. We consider our activity an important step between the publisher and the reader. This step has to be taken and organised in such a way that press really can fulfil its social function.

We understand our mission especially as:

  • offering distribution all over the Czech Republic , not concentrating merely on lucrative spots;
  • following the publishers' instructions in order to provide high-quality supply to POS, informing the publisher about sales, and discussing cost policy with them, thus ensuring that press is available to all citizens.

Moreover, we feel obliged to keep our impartiality towards out customer. This means that we do not want our activity to lead to any discrimination, on the contrary, we want to stick to the principle of equal approach, find equally good solutions for all issues of the same nature. We strive for open partnership with both our customers and suppliers. We are sure that this approach will help us reach even more valuable success - success from which all participants profit.