Changes in our business policy led to changes in the General Commercial Terms and in the purchase contract.

Brief summary of General Commercial Terms:

  • Introduction of unified criteria for the calculation of rebate and bonus, as stipulated in Rebate and Bonus Table which is part of the purchase contract, Article II., Sec. 1. The Table is of general nature and has effect in the Czech Republic.
  • More rebate categories according to turnover (12 categories).
  • Points of sale (POS) classify into rebate categories according to their average monthly turnover in CZK, VAT excluded.
  • Average monthly turnover in CZK, VAT excluded, is specified on the basis of turnover in CZK, VAT excluded, for the period from 1 January to 31 December.
  • The possibility of rebate in relation to selected due date.
  • Due date can be stipulated in 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, or 28 days.
  • Bonus consists of turnover bonus, bonus for the number of POS, and bonus for payment method - the sum is stipulated on the basis of the type of bonus and is calculated from the factual amount paid.
  • Bonus is disbursed only when the following are respected: due date, full payment of all due amounts, method of payment stipulated in the purchase contract.
  • Rebate and bonus are valid for one year, from the beginning of March to the end of February next year.
  • Rebate and bonus are modified every year on 1 March taking into consideration the factual accounting in CZK, VAT excluded, and the fulfilment of all the conditions agreed and the General Commercial Terms for the preceding year (if the purchaser is not informed about a change, the existing rebate and bonus are valid).
  • Exceptional re-evaluation of rebate and bonus criteria in terms of the number of POS, method of payment and due date is possible - the re-evaluation can be performed upon a written demand by the POS, solely on 1 September (the demand has to be delivered no later than 21 days before the requested change).
  • Change of neither rebate, nor bonus is stipulated in an amendment to the contract, nor signed by the parties. Reason: Change of rebate or bonus only means a change in the rebate and bonus category, as it is stipulated in the contract and known to both parties. The categories themselves do not change. The POS will be informed of such a change.