Logistics and tax documents

These are the following documents:

  • delivery note (you can download guidelines);
  • mutual credit (if you receive this document you can download guidelines);
  • summary mutual credit (if you receive this document you can download guidelines).

We decided to make changes in the documents primarily to make them more user-friendly. 

Each changed document is accompanied with information guidelines. They will be sent to you with the first delivery of these changed documents at the latest. Here you will find a description of important parts of the documents, together with necessary explanations.

Here is a summary of the most important changes:

  • More transparency and better legibility;
  • Unified placement of key data (header, space for messages, contact details). On each document you will find subscriber number (subscriber code);
  • Stapled sheets;
  • Documents are printed double-sided (three pages equals two sheets);
  • Delivery note also serves as unsolds note with a highlighted unsolds zone to fill in (NOTE: Delivery note is not an NCR paper. In order to make documentation of unsolds, you have to fill in both copies of the delivery note or use a carbon sheet.). Please return one copy of the delivery note, with the completed "Unsolds" zone (if you make copies, please return the original) and duly confirmed (signature, and stamp, where applies), with the physical consignment of unsolds;
  • Information has been added, including distribution news, on the first page;
  • Documents are printed on separate A4 sheets. Therefore, we will provide you with two copies of the delivery note. Tax documents are provided in one copy.


The main documents are HERE.