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Extract from the Distripress Code

1. Preamble

Free access by readers to press products of their choice is an essential part of the democratic debate and of national and cultural identity. Freedom of distribution is an integral precondition of the freedom of the press.

The rules applied in press distribution must ensure that all publishers and publications have access to the market without discrimination of any product on grounds of content or origin.

2. Product liability

The freedom to publish includes the responsibility of the publisher for the content of his products.

3. Supply and demand

The publisher defines the draw together with his distributors. This has to correspond to the expected sales potential. For a title to arrive at optimum sale and availability level, publishers and distributors will exchange market information.

The publisher has to respect the distributors' neutrality.

4. Sole Distribution Rights

Publishers assign sole distribution rights to their business partners. The business partners assume the responsibility to achieve the agreed distribution goals.

Publishers will do everything within their power to avoid a flow of copies through channels other than their appointed business partners. Equally, business partners will not make press products available outside the defined ones.

5. Product pricing

Fixed copy prices guarantee all stakeholders an effective and economical supply, distribution and availability of press products.

The business partners commit themselves to enforce observation of the fixed price in the retail trade.

6. Right to return Unsolds

The right to return unsolds is an essential part of achieving expected distribution goals.

The credit depends on a full, detailed and timely reporting of deliveries, sales and unsolds.

7. Contracts between publishers and distributors

Recommended principles to be adhered to in contracts between publishers and distributors:

1. Names and addresses of contract partners

2. Subjects of contracts (exclusivity, description of products...),

3. Rights and duties of the distributor (timely distribution, observation of dates and prices, supply of statistics...),

4. Rights and duties of the publisher (product liability, timely delivery...),

5. Handling of Unsolds (full return rights, form of unsolds report and timing...),

6. Conditions (delivery and payment terms, currency, payment for extraordinary services...),

7. General Clauses (beginning and termination of contract period, conditions of notice...).