Reception of goods:

1. check of the number of packages – newspapers and magazines

Each package contains a dispatch list with the names of titles and numbers of copies included in the package. It also contains the total number of packages and before the "/" sign the package serial number (packages with newspapers are calculated separately from packages with magazines).


The delivery consists of 3 magazine packages and 2 newspaper packages. The magazine packages are labelled as follows: 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 – the number after the "/" sign represents the total number of packages. Similarly, the newspaper packages are labelled 1/2, 2/2.

Exception – standard package (SP) of newspapers:

SP is packaged directly in the printing house, PNS does not label it further and it is not included in the total number of packages covered by the dispatch list.

2. missing packages

If a difference is found during the inspection the carrier must be called immediately, or possibly the Complaint Department of the corresponding division or the sales representative must be contacted till 10 am of the same day. On Saturdays, make the call on the first following working day (usually Monday).

3. check of delivery by item and by copy

Check of supplied titles, including the numbers, with a delivery note (DRL). Mark the differences in the "difference +/-" column and use the corresponding sign.


1. collection dates

Unsolds are collected every day except Saturday. Unsolds reported on Friday and Saturday DRL are collected on Mondays.

2. unsold newspapers and magazines are packed separately

3. processing unsolds

The third column of the delivery notes called "UNSOLDS" contains titles and their concrete issue number with delivery date that must be prepared to hand over to PNS on the day marked on the unsolds note.

Enter the number of copies only of those titles that are to be currently submitted as unsolds.

After entering the number of all titles to be returned, make the package (or more). Tie the package with a string, or even better, wrap it in a foil, old paper etc., so that no copy can get lost.

Each first package must contain a delivery-unsolds note (DRL) and be labelled with 1/x, where x means the number of packages you return.

Each further package must be labelled by attaching a PNS document that contains the outlet bar code and its number and address.

To mark other packages please use the PNS dispatch list (supplied upon the arrival of goods, to be kept for processing unsolds): cross out list of titles and add date of unsolds and what package is concerned (2/3, 3/3) – see Appendix 2. You can also use a copy of the current delivery-unsolds note, where you mark what package is concerned (2/3, 3/3).
DRL must contain a stamp (if you have one) and the subscriber's signature.

Unsolds must be handed over on the appointed day.

If it is not the case, such unsolds cannot be accepted – subtracted from the invoice because PNS also must hand over the given titles to its suppliers within a deadline.

Please, return only those titles and their issue number that are stated on DRL.

Titles not stated on DRL – and possibly titles before the expiry of their sales time, titles not requested in the corresponding DRL and older issue numbers do not have to be considered by the subscribers in the invoicing but neither do they have to be returned.