Signing of contract

Contract of sale of periodical and non-periodical press and its distribution contains:

  • Appendix 1 – Specifications of object of performance and agreed payments
  • Appendix 2 - Time schedule for orders, deliveries and introduction days
  • Appendix 3 – Technical specifications
  • General Commercial Terms

The contract is approved by the Union of Publishers, concluded for an indefinite period and may include mutually agreed changes and supplements. The general wording of the contract, appendices and General Commercial Terms can be provided by e-mail upon request.

In the case of distribution of one-off publications the contract may be substituted by a so called acceptance letter.

Provision of copies of all the required documents, e.g.:

  • trading license;
  • abstract of the Commercial Register;
  • certificate of VAT-payer registration;
  • certificate of registration of the press title at the Ministry of Culture of the CR;
  • other required documents.

To accept titles for distribution the EAN bar code (and the suffix, in the case of periodical titles) is needed.

 Rebate is determined following these criteria:

  • consumer price;
  • periodicity;
  • unsolds (collected or stored)
    +  support criterion: number of sold copies.

This basic rebate represents an aggregate price for distribution for První novinová společnost and the final dealer and includes the following services:

  • drafting of contract and appendices, introduction of title in the system;
  • planning of PNS request, issuing of order and sending it to the supplier;
  • reception of goods, gross inspection, possibly processing complaint;
  • allocation of goods by division and dispatch;
  • reception of goods in divisions, detailed inspection, possibly processing complaint;
  • allocation of goods by POS and re-dispatch;
  • distribution to POS;
  • announcement of unsolds according to agreed sales time;
  • withdrawal and record of unsolds;
  • liquidation of collection unsolds;
  • transport of return unsolds from division to the headquarters and its record;
  • issuing and sending unsolds note;
  • packaging and handover of return unsolds;
  • dealer invoicing, balance of receivables management;
  • accounting and payment to publisher.

If PNS provides premium services to publishers their price is determined on an individual basis according to the extent of the services.


The VAT Act states that the issuer issues a tax document (invoice) covering the full amount of the supply within 15 days from the day of taxable performance. After the termination of the agreed sales time PNS informs the publisher of the number of unsold copies and the publisher issues a credit note for them. ("Net sales" cannot be invoiced). The due date of the tax document is based on the contract, payments are made twice a week on the basis of a notice, i.e. payment of all documents due until the date of payment + allocation to individual tax documents.

Stored unsolds can be collected within 5 working days from the day of reception of unsolds note by the publisher.

Changes in basic data of the titles or publisher must be reported in advance. PNS cannot distribute titles with an erroneous consumer price, EAN bar code, in a different package than agreed, etc.

Our company does not distribute titles abroad or process subscriptions.