• we ensure national and regional distribution to all POS in the Czech Republic;
  • we dispatch press from the cities of Praha, Brno and Ostrava, we also hand over stored unsolds in the cities of Praha, Brno and Ostrava;
  • we deliver press to POS on every working day and Saturdays;
  • we organise deliveries to POS using sophisticated optimisation programmes;
  • our SALES web application enables you to monitor your sales and unsolds data in detail until they get to POS;
  • we secure paid services for publishers respecting their needs and our capacity restraints. Among paid services are, for example, leaflet distribution, transport of packages with e.g. editorial copies, exceptional substitute deliveries, separation of unsolds or supplements of unsolds, print monitoring, re-labelling erroneous prices or EAN bar codes, etc;
  • we cooperate with you during sales network marketing events;
  • offer direct contact of sales representatives with POS;
  • we will automatically place your title in electronic Catalogue (www.pns.cz);
  • we will provide comprehensive help to new publishers when introducing a title on the market;
  • we will suggest an optimum placement of your title in the sales network trying to take into account your requirements;
  • you can advertise in our periodical company title – Trafikant.